Friday, 30 May 2014


The guys have been getting on well with the truck, they have started to fit the spring hangers and the springs I have selected a double spring set top and bottom.  This should give 50mm separation I hope this is enough, if not i have room to put in double length springs.  I could find very little data on just how much the two chassis should separate.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Wheel Holder

work has now started on the wheel holder

The bracket for the wheel is just above the line of the chassis in an attempt to keep weight low
This is the first try at locating the winch to raise/lower the failed as the fairing had plastic bushes and isn't up to the job.  The winch however is great so we are going to turn it through 90 degrees to lift the wheel direct.
We are going to wait for me to get the new wheels and tyres before we finalise this

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fixing Subframe

The back of the sub-frame is now fixed to the truck.  I decided on a spring based system as opposed to a complicated three or four point mount as my aim is an extreme road as opposed to off road vehicle

The large plates at the back will hold the wheel holder / bike rack

Friday, 16 May 2014

Progress so far

April 14

Long post as I have had to bring progress up to date.

Work began in earnest this month Robs men welded up my sub chassis to my specifications

This was its maiden flight

Perfect fit thanks Graham

Thought I should show willing and do a bit myself....the truck has only done 30000Km and is in very good condition.  The two main areas of rust are the battery box "behind the front wheel where all the road muck gets kicked up"
and the rear torsion bar "weak spot apparently".
 I took them both off and sent them to be stripped and powder coated.

Fitting new bushes in the torsion bar was fun :-)

When you look at them you think they cant fit but lots of silicone lube and a gear puller worked

Battery box and two new batteries

March 14

Well then I had to get stuck into the design I used Solid Works for this process it turns out it's very similar to another program I used to use called Pro Desktop.  My design starts with a philosophy this is
Short as possible to get everything in!
Narrow as possible to get everything in!
Light as possible to carry everything we need!
Weight as low down as possible to aid stability!
I am aiming for an extreme road vehicle rather than an off road vehicle!

You and the Weighbridge will judge me when I'm finished.

I haven't Done a tap yet but already feel the need to thank some people.... Very good website links here.  Neil and Pat well on with their truck and my first port for a question or advice.  Technical, technical, technical from Steve, Stewart and Brian.

Feb 14
First job take it to my friend Rob's engineering business to have the back removed the chassis shortened and the underslung spare wheel holder taken off
  I thought that I had bought a big truck until I parked it next to this monster in the engineering shop the wheels were as tall as me.

Jan 14
This is the first view I got of the truck

I think it was love at first sight...... just like when I met the wife :-).