Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Front Axle

Whilst waiting for the wheels I decided to have a go at the little bit of rust on the front axle.

Looked like this at the start

I started with de-greasing soap a scraper and wire brush but the lads introduced me to a needle scaler.

Its a fantastic tool but it did expose more rust than I thought was there, better to find and deal with it now than have it lurking under the paint.

After a good deal of hard work, lots of noise, rust converter and chassis paint the job looks like new.
I am using chassis black so I can see where I have been once I have sorted all of the rust on the chassis I will coat the whole lot with chassis paint then waxoil.

Wheels due in next week, I didn't fancy taking all four wheels off at once so will put the new front ones on before tackling the back axle.

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