Monday, 1 September 2014

Fuel System part 2

I posted a while ago that I had a Separ filter in the wrong place.  I have now fitted it to the side of the battery box
MAN fit different size fittings and pipe to the feed and return in the fuel system.  I spent ages trying to find suitable fittings and pipe...not available from MAN!  Eventually I was rescued from my despair by a man called Andy who has a great little company called Lancashire Hose......sounds like a stocking shop :-).  They custom made a feed and return pipe with properly fitted ends...Top Quality

I have read lots of issues with fuel and water pipe leaks on many websites particularly as we tap into and change the system for our trucks.  I think Andy is your man if you don't want them to leak.
Time to rest my right arm....priming that fuel system and filling that filter was the hardest bit.

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