Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Adventure Overland 2016

We spent the weekend at AO16 my favorite overlander event of the year.  We were a display vehicle and lots of folk wanted to come in and have a look around.
We were with the Overlander group and had a good showing from members with possibly the largest gathering of large overland trucks in the UK.
There were some smart vehicles on show
We had a great gathering area with a fire and cover.
Lots of vehicle types including Colins GAZ
Some very smart vehicles on the field, I particularly liked this one
I enjoyed the new feature this year, the map room organised by Overland Sphere with some very interesting discussion groups.
All in all a top weekend....roll on next year.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Silk Route Motorhome Network Annual Meeting

We travelled to Malvern for one of my favourite meets of the year.
I had offered to do a presentation about the Morocco part of our recent trip.  It was quite a daunting prospect given the quality of previous presentations at this meet and the audience.  Anyhow the moment came "see next photo" everyone was looking at me.......all went well.
There were many fantastic one off vehicles on show.
Some extremely well traveled.

We had the chance to see in each other's vehicles, this is Clive and Anne visiting us for a quick coffee lots of folk have mentioned I never show inside OWT.
Lots of group discussion 
All in all a great weekend.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Day 103 to 108

The weather set in for a couple of days with rain.....what's that?  We decided that as we had to make the break across Spain to Bordeaux we would do it now.  We stopped in Salamanca and then Vitoria Spain does have a lot of nothing between these beautiful cities.
Just before we crossed the border into France we met a Dutch couple travelling Europe in this beautiful truck camper......it was very old......the same age as me!
We then arrived in Montalievet
This is a place we know well and have visited many times with the kids.
There are great places to camp in the forest
And mile after mile of bike tracks to explore, we settled in to a routine of cycling in the morning and going to the beach in the afternoon.
We met a young couple travelling in their VW climbing and surfing their way to Italy.  Milton and Emelda set up a tightrope so we just had to give it a go.

It's funny how the balance you once had diminishes with age.....or is it just lack of practice and loss of bottle.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Day 101 and102

We moved along the border region which is called Alentejo "beautiful and mountainous" to a mountain top walled town of Marvao.
We found a beautiful place to park, very quiet, a little shade from the tree, and a beautiful view.
Marvao is completely walled in with a large castle at one end.  You can walk the whole wall and visit the castle, the bit I liked the most is the place seems untouched.  Not one handrail or safety fence anywhere, a British H+S nightmare😀😀
This gives you a real feel for how the place must have been for the original occupants.

As always the whole place is immaculate.
With interest everywhere, this stone table had room cut out for your knees

 We met up with an Austrian couple in a very interesting 4x4 completely home built motorhome.
They had travelled widely even shipping to Australia and then driving the whole way back.  Their sights are now firmly set on South America.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 100

Time has come to start the journey to Bordeaux so we headed north and found ourselves in the delightful market square in Estremoz.
It is a little town on the Portuguese Spanish border that just happens to be the centre of the marble industry.  It shows everywhere as the park benches, statues and even the market square itself are all marble.
The place has a great castle.....built from stone but inside is a fantastic church and keep built from....marble
The keep is now a hotel but if you ask at reception they will let you climb the stairs 
To the top
From where you get fantastic views of my truck
In the square

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 96 to 99

Well from our spot in Portimao we headed out into the Sintra-Cascais National park and eventually to Cabo de Sao Vicente.
You can park here overnight so we did but it was very windy
This is the farthest West you can get and still be on mainland Europe, you get a fantastic sunset

I love this place, it gives the chance to mix fantastic cliff walks

With beautiful beaches
Along with great places to park
With fantastic views
So we stayed around a few days and made the most of it.
We also met up with some great people, Marco and Martin in their fantastic self build truck campers
Marco in the centre is touring the kite surfing beaches of Portugal and Martin is at the start of a trip down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town.  We also met up with a delightful young couple David and Holly who had cycled from Cornwall to Australia......puts our London to Paris into perspective.