Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Day 3

Continued on our way down to Gerardmer in the Hautes Vosages a beautiful little spot where we used to call in on trips to the Alps with the kids.  That said we think it's now 21 years since we were last here.  We have had intermittent snowfall and passed fields of snow on the way down but pulling off the motorway onto the road up to the Vosages the snow piled up.

The trees were beautiful dropping a shower of white icing onto the road as we pass. Settled in on the Aire in town which is very good and has water outlets heated against the cold for 2€.

We walked down to the lake and had an afternoon reminiscing about previous trips and incidents with the kids.

Great place here and looking forward to my first ski in six years tomorrow, hope I haven't forgotten how  and hope the knees are up to it.

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