Thursday, 10 March 2016

Day 4

Well after a very quiet night on the Aire we headed up to the largest of the ski areas at La Mauselaine.  It has 40 km of pist and an impressive 168 snow cannon for reliable skiing most of the season.  We have the benefit of plenty fresh natural snow this week and with a forecast of sunshine it should be good.  It was a very steep pull but only a few miles out of town.  Very pleased with the performance of the truck on the roads and up the hill this morning it pulls like a train.  Motorhomes are welcome on the car park for up to 14 days at 5€ per night good value as I think this is like millionaire skiing

That slope is one of the Reds that comes back down to the lift and it's the proximity of a fresh pot of tea that makes it millionaire style.

The slopes turned out to be quiet, wide and well pisted with lots of variety and at only 19€ per day midweek rate, very good value.

Even an old duffer like me can enjoy this

The truck is well set up to stay the night and with clear sky's at this altitude it should be cold, my French neighbour reckons -10.  I say French I have not seen a British number plate or heard an English voice since we arrived.  Our French cousins like to keep this place very quiet.


  1. You look like you're having a great time !!! :D I miss you both lots, but I'm so glad everything seems to be going so well! I love the fact you are recording all of your memories! Keep this up, its such a lovely break from dissertation planning reading about all of your adventures!! :D xx

  2. Thanks Beth we miss you too xx