Sunday, 13 March 2016

Day 6

Well one of us is finding the holiday clock better than the other......after a good breakfast we set off at about 11 to do the complete circuit of the lake.

It's a good walk that wasn't possible last time we were here it's about 6.5 k all on paths with some narrow sections and one flyover section obviously negotiated with private landowners.

The fishermen were out in force

This one actually caught a beautiful brown trout as we were passing.
The walk was very pleasant if a little rough underfoot but gave great views of the town and ski resort.

There are lots of these crosses all around the lake but as yet I haven't found out what they signify.

The weather is cold but dry and sunny and the forecast is for more of the same.  I never cease to be amazed at the size of some of the Motorhomes over here but this beauty that pulled in last night takes the's got a smart car in the boot.

We headed back for a late lunch then gave the bikes on the back their first outing twice round the lake on the cycle track.....excellent.
We returned to a full Aire 
They are not to everyone's taste but provide a safe clean legal place to stop with all of the relevant facilities for only 5€ per night, (Brian you can even lose our trucks in here, bet you can hardly spot mine) the best bit is they are nearly always close to the town and the's Saturday night and I have spotted a nice little Italian 😀
After a lovely spag bol washed down with a small glass or two 🍷🍷 of a tasty red I toddled back to bed......happy dayzzz.

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