Monday, 14 March 2016

Day 8 skiing like Franz Clammer eating like Gordon Ramsey

Well another very good days skiing today, great conditions and some decent sunshine
We managed to ski to the other side of the mountain today, it has an older resort feel with more rope and button lifts but the skiing is still good and varies between
Wide open pistes 
and this beautiful run through the Forest dressed as an art gallery with photos of wildlife from all over the world.
We stopped for coffee 
Yes that is what they call a white coffee, and also for lunch
I had a burger "local vogesion style" the burger made with VERY course ground local beef is served with local ham and cheese melted on top squeezed between two grated onion and grated potato hash brown type patties instead of a bun.  Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out.
After putting all the gear away I decided to put a few miles under the wheels so we set off in the vague direction of the Alps.

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  1. I wish I was there so much!!! 😩😩😩 glad to see you're not starving 😜