Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Day 9

Well yesterday evening we stopped for bread before the shops shut and found ourselves in Vesoul, I consulted the Aires book to find a free 5 van stop near a lake only 1.8 miles away.
What a find, we got up had breakfast and then decided to get the Bromptons out for a ride around the lake
I was expecting a pond but in fact it was a 3 mile perimeter wildlife haven
We found this fellow
But as soon as I got the camera out he made off pretty quick
These guys were on an island just off shore
And there were lots of these tables crammed with these guys
Every 40 or 50 yards you would catch one of these guys diving and sometimes coming up with fish
I know my mate Steve will come along and enlighten me as to who all these guys are, all I can say is they made my morning.
In the afternoon we decided to check out Vesoul and the monument that sits on the hill overlooking it.  The town itself, although dominated by a huge Citroen Peugeot car factory turned out to be typically French chic with lots of beautiful public spaces and ancient buildings mixed with thriving small shops....no Mc Ds here
We found the route up to the monument
The 700 meters turned into a steady 1 in 3 which was quite a pull, I was thankful we hadn't brought the big bikes.
The top had a castle on it from the 9th Century but in 1854 they built the current monument and viewing area....sorry about the following "we were here shots" but this blog is primarily to keep the kids up to date with what we are up to. (Hope you are reading Emma 😀)
The monument itself is beautiful.
not much improved by having me sat in front
The viewing platform however was fantastic with its wrap around key listing every European capital and the whole view
Did spot this little guy living under the monument
Few more miles going under the wheels tonight ..... I wonder where we will get to?


  1. Take lots of 'we were here' shots please!! (Or I might not believe you 😉) xxx

  2. Grey herons, cormorants, black headed gulls and greast crested grebe.

    Looking like a good trip so far. Enjoy!