Sunday, 13 March 2016


Well the bell ringers were either in competition or on steroids this morning but either way they got me out of bed.  I think they ring them to start the race to the boulangerie as the first one I went to had run out of croissants.......Sunday morning no croissants, what is happening to France!  Fortunately the one round the corner had some left.
We had decided on a good walk today and the guide suggested the waterfall at

The guide said 2.5 hours......I can believe them just, in summer with a following wind.
We set off to the start point for everything in Gerardmer the quay by the lake.  Once out of town the path got snowier and lots steeper.  To be fair it was very well marked with little red circles on almost every tree
I didn't much like the passages dangereux on this one.
Lots of trees and lots of snow.
Getting steeper and narrower the higher you go best describes it.
Someone has worked hard up here as the bridges over the stream are all in good condition.

The waterfall at the top was a bit of a disappointment to be honest and the ice around it prevented me getting a photo to do even its mediocre splendour justice

We are going to drive back up to the ski area later this afternoon and spend the night up there (despite the forecast of snow) to gain a march on to the slopes tomorrow.


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  2. Been trying for over an hour to get a message on here. Hoping I'm in now, had to set up a profile. Let me know if it's successful. Live to you both xx

  3. Hurray, looks like it's worked. Been catching up with your blog tonight, the weather looks amazing and much different to the spring sunshine we have here. Phil booked our summer holiday yesterday. We're off to Rhodes again in June. It's been a long while since we were last there. Back in work tomorrow after my few days off, not long till Easter. Love to you both xxx

  4. Rhodes sounds great, hope you are better
    Phil xx