Thursday, 28 April 2016

Day 52 and 53

We dragged ourselves away from Moulais Bousselham and down to El Qualidia another old fishing village very successfully pulling itself into the current century whilst coping with an existing infrastructure.
As always we cycle around to explore and meet people.  I find Moroccans have an uneasy relationship with the camera.  Some like this guy are happy to give you a smile and let you record the moment.
Some like this guy want paying
So you often end up with more long range efforts
Back to Oualidia the beaches are beautiful with fantastic large grained sand.
And wonderful waves.
The locals are always trying to sell oysters so we cycled over to the lagoon to check out where they are grown
It was beautiful
Everywhere you look people are hard at work in the fields but it's funny scarecrows look the same the world over.
Whilst here we met four delightful Motorhomers from the Netherlands who tried to fix my broken sat nav.  They also told me about a cookery course they attended in Marrakech.  Just an update Margot, Gerard, Cor en Wil  we are on the cookery course next Tuesday and I hope to get to an Internet Cafe tomorrow as Garmin have found my login.

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