Sunday, 22 May 2016

76 and 77 Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen, the blue city, is one of the most famous in Morocco.  It is close enough to the Mediterranean ports to bus in the cruise liner brigade, so I didn't know what to expect.  We turned up at the camping to find it a little run down and very expensive "by Moroccan standards".
It was however full of "old friends" Mareike and Marc who we met in Ouarzazate, Dan and his Land Cruiser group who we met coming off the off road route in Todra.  This fantastic 4x4 truck with its own balcony that we met in Echireida

I was lucky enough to be invited to sit up there and benefited from a fantastic view of Chefchaouen.  This beautiful very well Africa travelled Iveco 4x4

We all shared the last of our beer and wine supplies and chatted about our respective Morocco adventures.
A slow start in the morning found us winding our way down the path to Chefchaouen.

Once you enter the walls of the old town the "blue" overwhelms you.

It was match-day for the local team so I couldn't resist teaching them a few Wanderers songs....."walking down the Manny road"

We then found a great spot for lunch....Dan and the Land Cruiser crew had beaten us to it

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  1. Hi you two! It was wonderful meeting you in Morocco! Thanks again so much for the life saving wine and a great conversation. We are driving home from Bad Kissingen today. Looking forward to a bath! We didn't get round to meeting your friends at the convention....too many people, too little time! Hopefully next year. We look forward to meeting you both again either there or at some random spot in the world! Lots of love from Lee-Anne and Daniel Danlowski, Leyla and our now very dirty Hilux! Xx