Monday, 2 May 2016

Day 54,55 and 56

Spent some time travelling to and then in and around the beach resort of Essaouira.
Had a great lunch stop overlooking the sea on the way down
Then tried to swap Lynn for one of these beauties.
We then settled into a quiet spot on the camping in town
Essaouira has the largest fishing fleet.
And the best fish market of the trip so far.
It had to be done, I bought one of these.  It was delicious and did Lynn and I two meals, what is it?
More pics from the harbour
We also got into the Medina to look at carpets that won't go in the bungalow.
But as usual Lynn had to buy a pair of slippers.....she is the Imelda Marcos of slippers.
I loved these table tops being hand made in a workshop
We have also had some trucks for company
The guys in the yellow Dutch MAN KATs have just come back from a big trip in the Sahara.  We shared a beer and swapped travel experiences in our truck with a couple of them.
Essaouira, a good spot.


  1. Surely Lynns worth more than one camel? Xx

  2. Hey There Phil and Lynn. Hope all is well with you. We met up in Essaouira. I was one of the peeps of the yellow MAN kat crew. The camera guy. I promised you then that whenever the film would be ready i'd send you a link. Well, here you go, it's on Facebook/Vimeo: (i'll drop the link to your Facebookpage as well. Happy travels and cheers for now, Pierre