Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 78 Last in Morocco

We got up and at it with two aims for the day, tagine shopping and catching a ferry.
The first was easy as about three miles from Chefchaouen we found this place, we even had to knock the man up out of his bed to serve us.
It amazes me that market stalls and roadside shops are left unattended all night in a country where the general population has so little.....the contrast says more about our society than theirs.
We then had a pleasant drive to Tangier Med only to see the ferry pulling out as we pulled in.
What to do?.......find a restaurant and have a meal
We ended our Moroccan adventure on the coast with a plate of mixed fish
Once we had passed the explosives scanner
The trip to Spain was uneventful until we pulled in to Lidl Algericas to find it all burned out
Never mind there is a Mc Donald's next door.......guess what, you can order a beer with a Big Mac Meal.......happy  dayzzzz 😀🍻

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