Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Day 101 and102

We moved along the border region which is called Alentejo "beautiful and mountainous" to a mountain top walled town of Marvao.
We found a beautiful place to park, very quiet, a little shade from the tree, and a beautiful view.
Marvao is completely walled in with a large castle at one end.  You can walk the whole wall and visit the castle, the bit I liked the most is the place seems untouched.  Not one handrail or safety fence anywhere, a British H+S nightmare😀😀
This gives you a real feel for how the place must have been for the original occupants.

As always the whole place is immaculate.
With interest everywhere, this stone table had room cut out for your knees

 We met up with an Austrian couple in a very interesting 4x4 completely home built motorhome.
They had travelled widely even shipping to Australia and then driving the whole way back.  Their sights are now firmly set on South America.

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