Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 96 to 99

Well from our spot in Portimao we headed out into the Sintra-Cascais National park and eventually to Cabo de Sao Vicente.
You can park here overnight so we did but it was very windy
This is the farthest West you can get and still be on mainland Europe, you get a fantastic sunset

I love this place, it gives the chance to mix fantastic cliff walks

With beautiful beaches
Along with great places to park
With fantastic views
So we stayed around a few days and made the most of it.
We also met up with some great people, Marco and Martin in their fantastic self build truck campers
Marco in the centre is touring the kite surfing beaches of Portugal and Martin is at the start of a trip down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town.  We also met up with a delightful young couple David and Holly who had cycled from Cornwall to Australia......puts our London to Paris into perspective.

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