Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Day 85 to 95 Algarve

Well it's ten days since we left Savilla and we hit the Algarve.  I haven't posted as its been more Holiday than travel, the Algarve sort of brings that out in you.  I like the place but it is one sunny beach after the other interspersed with the odd beautiful harbour and a few "Irish Bar, bikini shop package holiday resorts" we tend to drift past those.
One sandy beach
Tends to merge into another

And another.
We did however find a gem at
This is the last place on the Algarve where they still pull working fishing boats onto the beach.
They sort the fish and nets on the sand

We stayed here a couple of days and on Sunday they had a veteran car meet up on the promenade.  There were lots of models I remembered......even a little white Mini

I couldn't believe how much space there was in the engine bay of this Mk2 Cortina
If I had to make my choice however I would have this one

am writing this sat at the side of the beach in Portimao so we are not far from the end of the Algarve and I can't wait to see the Atlantic 😀

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