Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Adventure Overland 2016

We spent the weekend at AO16 my favorite overlander event of the year.  We were a display vehicle and lots of folk wanted to come in and have a look around.
We were with the Overlander group and had a good showing from members with possibly the largest gathering of large overland trucks in the UK.
There were some smart vehicles on show
We had a great gathering area with a fire and cover.
Lots of vehicle types including Colins GAZ
Some very smart vehicles on the field, I particularly liked this one
I enjoyed the new feature this year, the map room organised by Overland Sphere with some very interesting discussion groups.
All in all a top weekend....roll on next year.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Silk Route Motorhome Network Annual Meeting

We travelled to Malvern for one of my favourite meets of the year.
I had offered to do a presentation about the Morocco part of our recent trip.  It was quite a daunting prospect given the quality of previous presentations at this meet and the audience.  Anyhow the moment came "see next photo" everyone was looking at me.......all went well.
There were many fantastic one off vehicles on show.
Some extremely well traveled.

We had the chance to see in each other's vehicles, this is Clive and Anne visiting us for a quick coffee lots of folk have mentioned I never show inside OWT.
Lots of group discussion 
All in all a great weekend.