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DC....New York on valium

We headed off into D.C. from Shady Grove metrostation.

The metro was cheap, efficent and very regular, all in all a good way to get into D.C. On arrival we decided to head for the White House and got this great view.

We then walked across the large park behind to a much better view.

We then walked around do the sights, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Reflecting Pool that you may remember from Forest Gump.

Overall we found D.C. to be very calm and relaxing, hence the title.

As the day went on we found more and more protesters heading into the city so I asked a lady what the people were protesting. She announced proudly they have overturned Wade Roe. I answered "Wow, I knew it was going on but that is dreadful, I can't believe they have done that". I was met with a very cold response, I think I found the only woman in D.C. who was in favour of the judgement.

We had a lovely lunch out, typical America food (pulled pork burger) along with the obligitary pint of beer.

We then followed the droves of protesters up towards the Capital building where half of the world's media seemed to be reporting on the goings on.

All in all a fantastic day in D.C.


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