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Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay

When you arrive at Deadhorse, picturesque it is not! After all, this is the support base for an oilfield.

No visit would be complete without the obligatory pictures at the Deadhorse sign and a visit to the General Store which sells food, pneumatic drills, lounge slippers and everything in between.

There are obvious signs here of a preparedness for Winter from large amounts of empty accommodation to tracked vehicles and electric plug-in heaters for every vehicle.

The visit to Prudhoe Bay departs from Deadhorse Camp. We had already booked our passage whilst in Coldfoot on the way up so just had to strip off and brave the elements to get into the Arctic Ocean and gain our certificate.

There you go, that's the closest to porn you will get on my blog!

On a separate note, two friends of mine made it to Deadhorse 9 years before me.

I don't think the current popularity of leaving a sticker everywhere you go improves the view!

Do you?


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