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The route down to Denali National Park was beautiful. We found a stunning campsite just outside and managed to book one of the last spots at the camp inside the park for two days.

Day one we decided to catch the shuttle bus with the two bikes out to Savage River. You can fit the bikes on the front of the shuttle. We rode along the unpaved road further into the park before cycling all the way back to the campsite.

On the way we passed the Health and Safety sign and shortly after met this fellow quietly grazing in the trees.

On day two we again caught the shuttle to Savage River where we hiked the Alpine Trail.

At the foot of the trail I spotted another superb overlanding vehicle, gratuitous photos below.

Midway along the hike we bumped into a couple Lynn miraculously determined they were the owners of the above overland vehicle of course this lead to much discussion of engine size, wheel size and capability. Pato and Cathy turned out to be a lovely couple, aren't all Overlanders.

The walk down from the top of the Alpine Trail was as spectacular as the hike up.


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