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Many moons ago when I went to University I studied the work of an American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. I fell in love with the design of his house at Fallingwater, I promised myself that one day I would visit.

As always turning up in a large vehicle is no problem, the UK could learn a thing there!

We booked an Architectural tour which was more than worth the $32 each that it costs.

Our guide was called Paul and he was excellent refreshing my long forgotten knowledge about Wright’s principles of design.

We had the tour in the morning and then had time to tour the grounds in the afternoon.

I managed a couple of the classic photos of the house even if the next one is spoiled a little by me😀

Eventually and sadly for me it was time to leave this inspirational place.

We found a national forest park-up to spend the night here

I finished the day with our first proper home cooked meal of the trip. Phil’s prawn biryani, perfect end to the day.


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