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Fuel system, Bike holder and pull out step

Fuel System part 2

I posted a while ago that I had a Separ filter in the wrong place. I have now fitted it to the side of the battery box

MAN fit different size fittings and pipe to the feed and return in the fuel system. I spent ages trying to find suitable fittings and pipe...not available from MAN! Eventually I was rescued from my despair by a man called Andy who has a great little company called Lancashire Hose......sounds like a stocking shop :-). They custom made a feed and return pipe with properly fitted ends...Top Quality

I have read lots of issues with fuel and water pipe leaks on many websites particularly as we tap into and change the system for our trucks. I think Andy is your man if you don't want them to leak.

Time to rest my right arm....priming that fuel system and filling that filter was the hardest bit.

Fuel System part 3

I still had to sort out the stainless straps for the new fuel tank.

I got the lads at Precision Welding to weld receivers (that I had turned in a local shop) to one end then threaded bar to the other.

These needed bending to fit then the threaded bar locating at the bottom of the brackets. I wasnt happy with the first attempt as the nut abutted the bracket at an angle so we took them off and welded angled tubes to the brackets. Great idea (thanks Gary).

The truck is now safe to drive again for the first time in ages :-)

Winch Wheel Bike Holder

I wasn't happy with the position of the winch as the fairlead wasn't up to the job and the tyre lifted in the wrong plane.

This was the original position, we reverted to plan A and lifted the tyre directly off the winch which needed two supports with a gap for the cable

Graham welding the new arms.

Winch in situ with the bike rack base.

Checking that the bikes fit....I will turn the handlebars through 90 degrees

The bikes are high up so I intend to use the little jumbo ladders from the entrance to access them. This needs a drop down support to facilitate.

Brackets for support.

Support in dropped position which I will locate with some kind of pin mechanism.

Pull Out Step part 1

I decided not to go for a drop down door (against advice from a few) my rational being higher security and lots of work required to drop the door in the position I wanted it (it would mean moving the battery box and air tanks) This means I need a step system and I decided after seeing loads at Bad Kissingen to use Little Jumbo ladders. I want them to fit the truck in three directions forwards, sideways and backwards. but also want a quick simple permanent ladder.

I hope the following makes a little sense:-

Framework for slide out pod with industrial sliders at each side.

Quick step which unbolts for full access to the battery box.


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