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Go West...

“Village People 1979”

Well health issues, a move to Scotland, the loss of our beloved Poppy dog and a worldwide pandemic all now in the rear view mirror we are looking to start once again on the road ahead in OWT.

We haven’t been completely grounded as the photos below were taken on the north coast of the NC500 last summer.

So what’s the plan? Well OWT is booked on a ship out of Liverpool on the 22nd of May. We follow on a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 29th. We have a vague plan to head West, then North West in the direction of Prudhoe Bay. We want to paddle in the Arctic, we then head South with the destination Ushuaia.

Pan American Highway, you don’t know what’s coming 😀

Full on with preparations now but from mid May I will start the regular updates on the trip.


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