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Hangin out for the 4th July

For some reason “Standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona” comes to mind when I relate this episode. We weren’t Standin or in Arizona but sat in a supermarket car park in Corning NY when amongst many folk asking about the truck up rolls a white Wrangler Jeep. Out gets a good looking American chap and he says “If you need somewhere to park I live by a lake and we are doing fried chicken this afternoon”. Being slightly reticent and very English we had to think about this but thankfully accepted the invitation.

The chap turned out to be Chip and a finer fellow I couldn’t wish to have met that fateful day!

On arrival Chip pointed us to a delightful spot to park overlooking Cayuta Lake, they call it small but I reckon it’s about the size of Derwentwater near Keswick.

We set up shop and then we’re invited down to an area laid out with tables, chairs, piles of food and many pots on burners frying chicken and fries. This area was populated with the friendliest bunch of neighbours, family and friends you could ever wish to meet.

The food was great and the conversation was better.

After the food had digested a little we disturbed it again going on a boat trip on Tom’s boat. Some hooligan decided to spray us with water from a jet ski……thanks Chip “I think”😀

We chilled by the fire in the evening feasting on snacks I have never heard of including dirt cake which was creamy mouse covered in crunched up Oreo biscuit with jelly worms in……delicious. Later we drifted down the road to witness a fantastic 4th July firework display.

The morning dawned yet again glorious, we were invited to go kayaking with Chip, Anita and Geoff.

In the afternoon we were treated to a go on Chip’s Jet ski, it was a blast.

All in all a great stop at Cayuta Lake, we were sorry to leave, inshallah, we will return.


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