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Monkeying around the rocks (Day 46 - 47)

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

We decided to walk to the top of the rock today, an achievement for me as when we visited with Lynn's parents three years ago I had all on to get to the bottom of the cable car. The day dawned bright and clear and it is a pleasant walk through customs to the start half way up Main St at Bell Lane.

Then the climb starts, first on steps then onto Tarmac.

The views are spectacular and a cruise ship was just heading out. The top was as usual bedlam with Spanish kids chasing the monkeys about. There is a different way down and lots of interesting things to see denoting the rocks troubled history. So what better to do after all that but a pint of John Smiths in an English pub?

We have been waiting and waiting for the illusive insurance for Morocco that was sent to our house in England last week. It still hadn't arrived last night so I badgered the Caravan Club to send me a copy scan. We went into town to get it printed then after Lynn had "an hour" on the beach we headed to Carlos in Algiciras to buy the tickets.

Looks like we will get to Africa despite bureaucratic reluctance.

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