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More electrical systems, mudguards and toilet

More electrical systems

The system needs some working out. in the picture below from the left is my 24v CTEK charger below that a split charge relay. next to that a Sterling 1600W inverter. next to that a 12 and 24 v take off with the respective fuse bank beside each. the system will be 24v with the 12v system supplied through a 24 to 12v converter sited above the fuses. turn the corner and we have a mains consumer unit with the solar isolator above. Next to that on a red key is the inverter isolator switch then next to that my solar controller.

Mudguards and trim

Decided to take advantage of a spell of good weather to fix the bottom trim and put on the new mudguards. Amazing what a difference iot makes to the look of the body. Starting to look less like a project and more like an overlander.


I am sure I made this job harder than it may have needed to be but this was compounded by the fact that Thetford forgot to include a cutting template and the fact that the toilet butted "no toilet humour intended" up to an internal wall. First I cut out the exact shape required for the toilet. I then made a template to router out the shape of the door. Now looking good inside and out.


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