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Nearing the end of our Moroccan adventure (May 2016)

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Day 67 - 70

After the recent ordeals we settled into the oasis that is Atlas Camp. This offered plenty of relaxation and good food, with our evenings spent chatting with good friends from England and Switzerland. We had some really good bike rides into Todra Gorge. We even got chance to meet up with some German 4x4 travellers mum and dad in the big truck sons and partners in the Land Rovers.

Day 71 - 73 - The Sahara

We couldn't come to Morocco without a visit to the Sahara. We left Todra and headed out to Merzougah and ended up overlooking the dunes and feeling like Lawrence of Arabia. The weather was overcast at first but still in the high 30s but it didn't take the sun long to find us so we headed for the pool. Yes on our own, there is only one other camper van here at the moment, a lovely family from Norway. We went for a walk in the dunes but with the heat and desiccating lack of humidity you can't get far. This place is huge! We had a wonderful trip to see the sunset by camel ride.

Day 74 - 75

Well for the first time since we left home I pointed the truck north. With only 4 days left on our green card for Morocco it was time to put some miles under the wheels.

When you drive you see the landscape change from desert to oasis. There are massive dams holding back huge lakes. To beautiful green pasture, we made a stop at Azrou and found a fantastic place to stop. Morocco as always throws up the unexpected.

I don't think you would get a horse transported like this in the UK and at the next set of lights there were men coming up to the truck trying to sell me a huge bag of Cannabis for 20MAD (about £14).

Day 76 - 77 Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen, the blue city, is one of the most famous in Morocco. It is close enough to the Mediterranean ports to bus in the cruise liner brigade, so I didn't know what to expect. We turned up at the camping to find it a little run down and very expensive "by Moroccan standards".

It was however full of "old friends" Mareike and Marc who we met in Ouarzazate, Dan and his Land Cruiser group who we met coming off the off road route in Todra. A fantastic 4x4 truck with its own balcony that we met in Echireida. I was lucky enough to be invited to sit up there and benefited from a fantastic view of Chefchaouen.

There was also a beautiful very well travelled Iveco 4x4. We all shared the last of our beer and wine supplies and chatted about our respective Morocco adventures.

A slow start in the morning found us winding our way down the path to Chefchaouen.

Once you enter the walls of the old town the "blue" overwhelms you. It was match-day for the local team so I couldn't resist teaching them a few Wanderers songs....."walking down the Manny road"

We then found a great spot for lunch....Dan and the Land Cruiser crew had beaten us to it.

Day 78 - Last Day in Morocco

We got up and at it with two aims for the day, tagine shopping and catching a ferry.

The first was easy as about three miles from Chefchaouen we found this place, we even had to knock the man up out of his bed to serve us. It amazes me that market stalls and roadside shops are left unattended all night in a country where the general population has so little.....the contrast says more about our society than theirs.

We then had a pleasant drive to Tangier Med only to see the ferry pulling out as we pulled in. What to do? Find a restaurant and have a meal. We ended our Moroccan adventure on the coast with a plate of mixed fish.

Once we had passed the explosives scanner the trip to Spain was uneventful until we pulled in to Lidl Algericas to find it all burned out.

Never mind, there is a Mc Donald's next door. Guess what? You can order a beer with a Big Mac Meal! Happy days 😀🍻



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