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We have been working our way North through New York State heading for Niagara Falls. It’s generally accepted that Canada has the best viewpoint for the Falls. This, of course, involved our first border crossing and we decided to go over at Rainbow Bridge. Good choice as it has fabulous views whilst queuing up for Border Control. Very quick and efficient border processing by the Canadian guards through a specific lane for RV’s bypassing the long queue of cars. The guards wanted a quick look in the truck and recommended we visit Niagara on the Lake as well as the Falls.

iOverlander came up trumps again with a super parking spot at the Skylon Tower, $20 for your first night and $10 for each subsequent night. We were parked quarter of a mile from the Falls but in a quiet area with good bars and restaurants all less expensive than the ones on the promenade.

We had a quiet evening and got up early the next day to make the most of the Falls. We cycled down which was a good move as we could cycle out at either end to get all of the views.

We booked the boat under the Falls in the afternoon, $32 each, and again a fantastic experience as you get the best view of the water from underneath it. They give you a pink plastic poncho which is a waste of time, be warned you get wet!

We were parked next to a lovely French family and we hope to meet them again as we are travelling a similar route.

We finished the day with the floodlight and firework show that takes place every evening over the Falls at 10.00 p.m.

The following morning up not so bright and early we made our way to Niagara on the Lake which is a beautiful little old town. We had conversations with just about every English, Scottish and Irish resident in the town. It’s amazing who a big truck with an English registration brings out for a conversation.


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