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Panels, Locker doors, cab roof and bike rack


Well I have been away for ages as I have had other things on but now intend getting back to the truck. Just a quick catch up.

New longer stronger springs fitted

Frame for crawl through cut and fabricated

Cab cut out and frame fitted

Aluminium frames for windows cut, fabricated and tested.

I have also sourced an Ex MOD aircon kit to go in the cab.

The truck is now at home which should make it easier to work on. I have an appointment with the panel manufacturer this week.


Big day today I have ordered the panels

They are very busy so I may have a wait

Locker doors

I managed to buy some locker unfinished locker doors at a good price.

They came without lock or panel but with all of the seals so I made a start on finishing them off.

First cut some HDPE pegs 1.8mm thickness to keep a space for my Sikaflex.

Cut some Grp sheet and plywood strengtheners.

Then made up a clamp on the bench to press them until the morning.

Cab roof and Bike Rack

Plugging away with a few jobs while I wait for the panels and the GRP angles

Started lining out the cab roof....decided to make a frame out to support the later.

Then started to paint up the bike rack

Quite liked the pink galv primer

but prefer the shiny black

Second coat tomorrow


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