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Rear Axle and Front Mudguards

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Rear Axle

Still hard at it at the moment cleaning up the rear axle with the needle scaler. I keep saying the rust isn't bad and it isn't but its still hard work bringing each patch back to bright metal and sound paint.

I have ended up almost stripping the front of the rear axle

The wheel hubs are not too bad, I hope to start re painting soon

More Rear Axle

Big gap in work on the truck over the summer....can you believe folks go on holiday at this time of year......oh yes so did I. The axle is now looking in better nick

I think the prep work was worth it

Front axle...back axle....oh yes now the bit in-between.

Front Mudguards

I removed these from the truck to give access to the front axle. They were bent weathered and had suffered from overspray.

First job I set too with my ancient Black and Decker paint stripping gun to straighten them, this takes time and it is best to work on the inside as the heat can mark the surface. The process however worked well.

I then searched on the internet about bumper restoration and didn't turn up much....I decided to try a repaint with kit from Halfords.

I am a fan of sugar soap as a degreaser/cleaner so started with that, then the wipes then the primer which you don't spray on but use to wipe off!

A few coats of paint involving another trip to Halfords for another can and I am more than pleased with the results.


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