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Subframe, Wheel Holder and Springs

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Fixing Subframe

The back of the sub-frame is now fixed to the truck. I decided on a spring based system as opposed to a complicated three or four point mount as my aim is an extreme road as opposed to off road vehicle.

The large plates at the back will hold the wheel holder / bike rack

Wheel Holder

Work has now started on the wheel holder

The bracket for the wheel is just above the line of the chassis in an attempt to keep weight low

This is the first try at locating the winch to raise/lower the failed as the fairing had plastic bushes and isn't up to the job. The winch however is great so we are going to turn it through 90 degrees to lift the wheel direct.

We are going to wait for me to get the new wheels and tyres before we finalise this


The guys have been getting on well with the truck, they have started to fit the spring hangers and the springs I have selected a double spring set top and bottom. This should give 50mm separation I hope this is enough, if not I have room to put in double length springs. I could find very little data on just how much the two chassis should separate.


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