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We had received an invite to go and meet up with a fellow English overland truck owner now based in Toronto. We risked life and limb around the Toronto freeways exploring the delights of expressways, collectors and mad Toronto drivers, but eventually arrived safely at the house of Jane and Kevin. We were treated to a super home cooked meal and lots of good advice and good conversation.

The following day it was time to head into Toronto centre. iOverlander came up trumps again with a super little site right on the harbour in downtown. We were well-looked after by the guys running facilities for a film company on the car park (look out Reluctant Valentine coming to your T.V. soon.

We headed through the skyscrapers and shopping malls of downtown Toronto in order to reach the CN Tower.

Beyond the tower we enjoyed the harbour side with it’s cafes and bars. We returned to the campsite in early evening to be greeted by two Jamaican party boats and about 600 revellers. Despite copious alcohol and a strong smell of Cannabis everyone was very friendly and only interested in dancing to the VERY loud music.

With New York, D.C. and now Toronto we are feeling a little bit all citied out so have decided not to hit Chicago next but head for Lake Michigan.


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