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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Well I have just worked through the process of sorting out shipping, insurance, visas and other details for a trip to Canada in the truck. I thought I would outline the process in the order I would go about it if I were to start again.


I contacted three companies listed below

They all came up with a similar price for shipping Liverpool to Halifax but by the time all of the bits and pieces are added in. It may be a little more due to Mr Putin.

I have to say all three were helpful but Martin at IVSSUK stood out as being the most knowledgeable, helpful and interested.

Vehicle Insurance

This is by far the most difficult bit, I contacted more than 40 insurers and have ended up with three and a half options. This is a Mexican company who will insure out type of vehicles with third party cover for the minimum legal amount in Canada, USA and Mexico. This is a Canadian insurance company who will insure third party up to $1000000 CAN and up to $15000 CAN in damage to your vehicle. This is a Canadian insurance company who will only finalise a price 30 days before departure once I have sent the following details.

  1. Photos of your vehicle (2 interior, 2 exterior) – required to quote

  2. Copy of your National and International Drivers Licenses – required to bind coverage

  3. Summary of your planned route – required to bind coverage

  4. Estimated Mileage – required to bind coverage

The coverage seems to be $500000 third party, $500000 uninsured loss and an amount of damage to your own vehicle to be determined once quoted.

The reason I put a half is I understand once you are in the US Progressive will insure to a reasonable cover for a reasonable price.

I will use one of the above for the Canadian segment and make sure I have enough cover left to get into the US and re insure with progressive.

Health insurance

Year long health insurance with the option to extend mid trip is quite a specialised product especially as you get older and have a recent prostate cancer diagnosis.

I recieved quotes from:

This is very individual but I am using True Traveller and have managed to get 12 months cover for 2 60+ pensioners.


BE AWARE!! There are lots of spurious sites who will “help” with these for a cost. My links are direct.

Visa for Canada is straightforward as a uk citizen we are visa exempt and will get six months at the border. We do however have to apply for an eTA. This costs $7 and lasts for five years it can be used for multiple entry.

Visa for the US is a little more involved, as a uk citizen we can apply for an ESTA which lasts two years and should give you 90 days at the border. This costs $14 US and is easy to get I have applied for these been accepted and printed them off.

I have also now applied for a B2 visa This costs $160 US lasts for 10 years and should give 180 days at the border. The issue is that this visa involves an interview and due to the covid backlog our interviews are booked in 9 months time. I understand that if you check the appointment booking section multiple times per day and you are lucky you can get an earlier cancellation appointment. I hope we are lucky or I lose $320!


I managed to book flights with West Jet direct to Halifax from Gatwick

To take a vehicle into the USA that isn’t NAFTA compliant “basically any vehicle not first registered in the US”. You must apply for an EPA exemption certificate. It is a straightforward process and the details are here Use the link, it took me ages to find.

So what does all this cost? If you are interested I am going to update my post on Overlanding Trucks once all of the bills are paid. Here I am sure others who come after me will update that thread so it will stay more up to date than me putting the prices here.


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