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Tyres, Front Axle and a New Fuel Start System

Updated: Jun 19, 2022


This is not an easy decision in many ways. I had already decided not to live with the military tyres on the vehicle and to up the wheel size to 22.5 inch. I started to discuss options with friends and Aspect Wheels who were very helpful. The upshot is that I have ordered a set of 5 - 22.5 x 11.75 wheels with a 110 offset and 5 Michelin xzy3s. Things may be on hold with the truck while we wait for them to arrive and I get over the financial quote Stew "its like running an F1 car"

Fuel System Start

I have bought a new 400 litre fuel tank that fits the truck onto the original (lowered) brackets.

You can just about see it under the bag of bits and the old sender. I was expecting a float to have to bend to reach the new tank but it works on a slider system on the pipe that draws the fuel. You can also see my new sender unit fitted to the tank.

I am also fitting a Separ filter in the fuel line but we have now decided it would be better on the side of the battery box......not enough clearance to change the filter here.

Front Axle

Whilst waiting for the wheels I decided to have a go at the little bit of rust on the front axle. Looked like this at the start

I started with de-greasing soap a scraper and wire brush but the lads introduced me to a needle scaler.

Its a fantastic tool but it did expose more rust than I thought was there, better to find and deal with it now than have it lurking under the paint.

After a good deal of hard work, lots of noise, rust converter and chassis paint the job looks like new.

I am using chassis black so I can see where I have been once I have sorted all of the rust on the chassis I will coat the whole lot with chassis paint then waxoil.

Wheels due in next week, I didn't fancy taking all four wheels off at once so will put the new front ones on before tackling the back axle.

Tyre Porn

Look at that tread....look at those nip...nobbles. Don't look very big when stacked on a pallet

Got the front one on fits the 110 offset measurement was just right. The new nuts are due in tomorrow. They are a good deal bigger than the old ones. The top is about 3 inches higher....well on twenty two and a half inch wheels I cant use metric can I

Back wheels off and ready for some hard work. Life as a snowplough has taken its toll but its only surface rust


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