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U.S.A. 1 England 0

No, it's not a game of football, it's the result of a battle on the 14 September 1814.

We almost stumbled across Fort McHenry whilst visiting the areas around Baltimore. What a find! We have all heard the American National Anthem but not many of us know who wrote it and where.

The British had plundered their way through Washington D.C. and had their sights set on Baltimore. The Baltimorians got together to defend their city from Fort McHenry. They were a mixture of conscripted men and volunteers, and they were facing the might of the British fleet.

It's hard to believe that this picturesque sight was the place where such a battle was fought.

The battle was observed from a peace ship by a young poet named Francis Scott Key. The fighting raged all night and by dawn's early light the mists cleared to reveal the Stars and Stripes flag still flying over Fort McHenry. This signaled to Key that the U.S. forces had won the battle and prompted him to write the poem that would go on to become the National Anthem. Star Spangled Banner

It's an interesting fact that the American flag has the same number of stars as States in the Union. Upon succession of a new State to the Union another star is added and the first time the new flag is ever flown is the morning of the 4th July following the accession at Fort McHenry.


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