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Following on our general Southerly direction through Alaska we headed along the unpaved Denali highway. This threw up some beautiful views and some great camping spots along with another chance meeting with Pato and Cathy.

We have driven some beautiful roads on our trip but I have to say the road from Glennallen to Valdez has to rank amongst the best.

Waterfalls and glaciers were a real highlight.

Valdez itself is a busy fishing port with many working and leisure boats both in and out of the water. Remarkably they allow travellers to park up on the harbour side car park which rewards you with stunning views night and day and plenty of interesting activity.

The sign below made me laugh. Who will Stop 🛑 if you are outrunning a tsunami

Unfortunately Lynn started to become quite ill whilst we were in Valdez and ultimately this resulted in us getting a long way behind with this blog. So we headed out of town to a quiet little site with beautiful views and stunning sunsets.


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