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A bus to Marbella (Day 44)

Still on a festerhaunt (you would have to be a climber to know that one) waiting for the insurance so we decided to go to Marbella on the bus. The buses are cheap and regular but the standard of driving leaves you gripping your seat.

We went into the old town and made our way to Orange Square. Nothing to do with Holland like Dutch Corner (you need to watch the Tour De France to get that one) but all about the trees growing in the square.

The old town surrounds the square and has the picturesque flower displays, narrow streets and wine tasting bars.

Believe it or not it was even too early for me!!

I love the care and attention they give to the doors over here, it has made me think about the house entrance in a whole new way. Unfortunately the rain came in and chased us away from Marbella before we made the sea front. Oh well, another day.



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