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Asillah & Hub Cap (Day 49)

Well where are we? We are in Asillah and on one side of the truck is the sea on the other is the old town, and on the other the harbour.

So we decided to explore both. The old town is a sunny rabbit warren of blue and white houses surrounded by the most amazing stone walls. Now and then you get a glimpse into the bright cool interiors. The delivery men use the most efficient and sustainable form of transport. No "tourist pony rides" this guy was hauling building materials. Some of the houses are built into the walls.

Every so often the wall breaks into a lookout point. We found the local bread shop that was like a step back in time, red hot, wood fired and turbo charged with a delicious smoke infused bread aroma. I bought my first Moroccan "hub cap" for 2 Dirham. It tasted even better than it looks! The harbour was another experience with lots to see wherever you look.

We then came across this noisy gathering, so I went to see what was happening, they were hauling the catch onto the wall and gutting it on the spot. I like Morocco, every fifteen minutes I find myself saying to Lynn "you don't see that at home".

We rolled on to Mouley Bousselham where we found a nice shady spot under a tree with a few friends for company.

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