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Cap D Agde to St Cyprien (Day 20 - 21)

Day 20

We had the morning in Cap D Agde then drifted around the coast to the point where the roads to Andora and Spain meet. We couldn't make our mind up which way to go so settled onto a little site for a short break.

Sun shining and Easter Sunday tomorrow I think we will settle here for a day or two....we have been busy enjoying ourselves, it can be hard work 😀🍷😜

Day 21

Decided to get the big bikes off for a jaunt around St Cyprien today. You might notice Lynn running off with my baguette on the pink cycle track, they were all this colour separate from the paths and running in all directions. We found the one that led to the beach, not many sun worshippers today - being Easter Sunday they may all be worshipping somewhere else.

We had a good cycle around the harbour and then headed back to the truck to sort out Lynn's breaks and do a few other jobs. I made an upper level storage for the skis.



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