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Cheap fuel and a stop for British essentials in Gibraltar (Day 45)

We arrived in Gibraltar today, no mistaking that view.

We got the bikes off packed our passports and headed for the rock. We are parked at the football club where the parking charges fund their youth team. It's a fantastic spot sandwiched between the rock and the sea. We cycled about half a mile along the coast.

Once through passport control we cycled across the runway, stopping for the obligatory pic. Not been on a runway before.

I like the price of diesel in Gibraltar. But it's even better in Morocco so I will top up there, can't believe I haven't organised it better as I have three quarters of a tank at the moment.

We locked up the bikes then walked up and down the Main Street listening to English and looking at prices in pounds seems strange! We then walked around the harbour and found a lovely little bistro for a late lunch - funny how meal times can move when you have no commitments.

We explored a little more then had a trip into Morrisons, Stilton Cheese, Robinsons Marmalade, Hellmans Mayonnaise and HP Sauce amongst other essentials made for two full bags.

We had an interesting time returning to the truck as we had to wait at the frontier for three aeroplanes to take off. The queue backs up looking toward the runway and back to Gibraltar.

When the aeroplanes had flown, absolute bedlam ensues as everyone piles over the border in both directions. We cycled in the motorcycle/bicycle lane but both baled out on this corner as the motorbikes started knocking the bollards about. Once settled back at the truck we paused to admire the view through our door.



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