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Encanyissada Wildlife Reserve & Pensicola (Day 25)

The mountains were beautiful yesterday evening as the sun went down.

This morning we woke up to find ourselves in the Encanyissada wildlife reserve. It's an area that reminds me very much of the Fylde coast in NW England but instead of lettuce here they grow rice. Anyhow the process favours the birds who are everywhere.

We got the big bikes off and went for a "big for us" bike ride of about 10 miles. The tracks were great and the company was better. We went up in a bird hide - not much hiding to be done but we got a good view of the birds.

The fields are being worked very hard at the moment, I was told that in a week or two they will be flooded.

There are drainage sluices all over the place to achieve the flooding but every so often you come across a lemon tree. No need for an Aldi for oranges or lemons if you live here.

When we got back to the truck we decided it was a little early for lunch so moved down the coast to Pensicola. What a great decision, we found an Aire about 50 meters from the beach with a great looking castle at the end of it.

We rode around the bay and climbed up to the castle but couldn't get in as the last ticket was 5.30, looks like that could be on the agenda tomorrow. We did however get a chance to explore the old town and the fishing harbour.

No posh cruisers here as this is a working harbour. But it still looks good.



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