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Essaouira & almost trading Lynn for a camel (Day 54 - 56)

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

We spent some time travelling to and then in and around the beach resort of Essaouira. We had a great lunch stop overlooking the sea on the way down. I then tried to swap Lynn for a rather good looking camel.

We then settled into a quiet spot on the camping in town. Essaouira has the largest fishing fleet and the best fish market of the trip so far. It had to be done, I bought something to cook. It was delicious and did Lynn and I two meals, what is it?

We also went into the Medina to look at carpets that won't go in the bungalow. But as usual Lynn had to buy a pair of slippers; she is the Imelda Marcos of slippers.

I particularly loved the pictured table tops being hand made in a workshop.

We have also had some trucks for company; the guys in the yellow Dutch MAN KATs have just come back from a big trip in the Sahara. We shared a beer and swapped travel experiences in our truck with a couple of them.

Overall Essaouira was a great spot.



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