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From Benidorm to El Campello (Day 31)

Well today dawned more Calpe than Cockermouth and it was time for us both to leave. We did the necessary filling and emptying at the Aire and said our goodbyes, Neil and Pat are Italy bound and we are Morocco bound.

Once we were away and had stopped for the required shopping - that's the shopping I didn't know we needed - it was lunch time! This did however leave time for an interesting afternoon. Lynn visited Benidorm as a teenager and hadn't returned since so we skirted the coast and drove the Benidorm prom - not something I hope to repeat until I am a teenager again - ie never!

Further down the coast we stopped at El Campello dropped the bikes and cycled around the harbour and along the prom. At the end of the bay we spotted a little path leading onto the next bay so ticked that one off too. Don't know how far but I guess 12 miles round trip along beautiful beaches on a beautiful prom that is 99.9% of England.

We finished this excursion off by looking around Iletta dels banyets tower. Built in the 16th Century it is one of a series of watchtowers built to defend Valencia from Barbery Pirates, it was a cool stop. Nearly as cool as our stop tonight.

Overlooking the sea near Cartagena we should sleep to the sound of the waves again. It's a hard life 😀🍷

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