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La Manga & The Lighthouse (Day 32)

We decided to explore our immediate area on foot this morning, the lighthouse is huge and positioned on a large rock at one end of La Manga. The blue dot on the photo is Lynn. It protects shipping from a very rocky area that extends more than half a mile out to sea. You can make your way around the rocks to a beautiful little harbour on the other side.

We made our way back to the truck then set off on the bikes in the other direction around the bay. Straight after this short prom we rode through a short area under special protection that was quite beautiful. Lots of birds, insects and flowers.

After that we hit La Manga proper, which to me seems a strange place. It's strung out along a spit of land with a salt water lagoon on one side and the sea on the other, the seaward side has been over developed in a strange way with the hotels all fronting onto the beach, not even a footpath. Perhaps it's because it's low season and most of the hotels are empty but it leaves the sea front a bit lost - no bars, prom or life.

We did visit the lagoon side that seems to have been more sympathetically managed with more private development. After a good bike ride and a long chat with two German girls who had parked up next to us - we first met them in Calpe, we hit the road south to shorten our journey tomorrow. We found a beautiful place to park peaceful and surrounded by sea. Another night going to sleep to the sound of the waves.



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