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On Cloud 9! (Day 29 - 30)

Day 29

Well on our way to Calp this morning, after weeks of trying I found a tyre shop who could balance my front wheels. The guys had all the right kit and were very professional in sorting out my 60mph wobble.

We met up with Neil and Pat in Calpe. After fighting off the usual group wanting to come and view the trucks we set off for a walk around. We ended up in a great pizza restaurant for a meal. It was great to see Neil and Pat again as they have been instrumental in the truck project from the very always Cloud 9 is looking spectacular whilst managing everything proficiently.

Day 30

We spent the day with Neil and Pat looking around each other's trucks, eating, drinking, playing games and having a thoroughly good time - shame we had Lake District weather but it didn't dampen our spirits. I

have a lot to thank Neil and Pat for, they inspired me from the start and have helped me at every turn, without them OWT wouldn't be carrying us now. Their truck Cloud 9 is beautiful and will, I am sure, see them around the world soon.



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