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Quasimodo, Croissants & Canals (Day 14)

Well this morning being Sunday I was again woken by the bells - I now know how Quasimodo felt 😠 So I began the race for croissants. No problems this morning and I even got Lynn an almond pastry twist. After breakfast we decided to head for the old town to find the Sunday market.

The old town is beautiful and based on a network of canals with colonnaded streets running alongside. It was mainly built from 1535 when a Protestant Reformation in Geneva resulted in all the Bishops being kicked out and they were given refuge here. They obviously brought a lot of cash with them as the building program was massive, you never see a thin Bishop though do you! 😀 The market was typically French, packed with food, people and delicious aromas. I think this must be the best boucherie as the queue stretched around the block. This woman was selling beautiful olives but looked like she had eaten a sour one. We decided on poulet roti and a nice red wine, with a little bit of salad and tiny loaf of bread. I do like a French Sunday lunch!

Well after a suitable digestif pause we again got the bikes out and set off anti clockwise around the lake. The lake has a different feel at this end starting in the town then becoming very residential but still with public access to the lake shore. The bike track is fantastic all the way around it is two lanes wide and even has regular zebra crossings for people to cross. Where there is a lack of land to have a path and bike track they have built out over the lake. The French do like to get out and promenade on a Sunday afternoon. Reminds me of walking down the Manny road sorry you have to be a Wanderers fan to get it, don't you Paul (my son)?.

In the evening they light up fountains on the lake which look spectacular. It's just a pity that my photo skills are not up to the job.



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