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R+R and recovery (Day 59 - 62)

We moved out of the centre of Marrakech to Camping Le Relais for a few days R+R and to recover from a minor bug. This is a little oasis of calm 10k from the madness that is Marrakech.

Lynn managed to get in a spot of her favourite hobby. The chickens n' chicks visited us every day. Le Relais really is a good place to be.

We met up with Henry and Mary 1 year into their trip in their fantastic truck. As always the conversation involved lots of maps, waypoints and photos. Great folk and we may meet up again in Portugal as we are both headed that way, if by different routes.

Another lovely MAN truck arrived one day, I didn't get chance to meet the owner or find out where he got his door decal from. I want a set!



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