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Rick Stein & The Souk (Day 57)

We drove over to Marrakech in the morning and stopped in the semi desert landscape for lunch. When we got to Marrakech the traffic was bedlam but we managed to find the parking at Kotubia, it's only a 24hr car park but is 500m from the main square.

The view from the truck shows an ancient mosque, some old palms and some very new palms.....look carefully. We wanted to eat out at the stalls on the square as enthused about by Rick Stein. The atmosphere starts to build from about 7pm and there is lots to see around the Souk.

The cafés themselves employ a very aggressive style of marketing that involves grabbing your arm, shoving a menu under your nose and shouting. We ended up at number one - they are all numbered.

The atmosphere was a lot better than the food. We then had to do the obligatory bag shop. Followed by risking life and limb to get back.

Notice the guy on the front bike going so fast he is blurred, texting with a passenger in that traffic on a potholed road?



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