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Souk Cuisine (Day 58)

We were very well placed at Kotubia to make the 500 meter walk to the Cafe de France to meet up with Gemma who owns Souk Cuisine. We met our group for the day, we were four English, two German and Seven Dutch. First job was a trip around the souk to buy the ingredients, we were each given a bag, a purse and a list.

Olives were first on my list, pay attention to my very stylish bag 😀 We had a very knowledgeable local guide giving us the lowdown on Souk shopping, spices and how to turn your teeth orange.

Lynn got in on the act - she blends right in with the local women. You might notice a Tesco bag in the photos - no there are no Tesco stores in Morocco! They do however recycle and reuse everything.

By the time we reached '13 a table' I was all shopped out and in need of Moroccan tea. The place was well set up for cooking. We soon got started and our local Moroccan women were experts at cooking and sign language. Of course they put the expert on the sardine dish.

Preparation done, it was time to take some of the dishes to the bakery to get them cooked in his oven. I wouldn't like the oven-guys job, it was red hot just handing him the tray. Once back at 13 a Table it was time to start on the cold starters. I then nipped back to the bakery to pick up the sardines. The meal and the Moroccan rose went down well. See if you can spot the preserved lemons in the photos. All in all a top way to spend the day in Marrakech.



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